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August 11, 2005


Angie Pedersen

You're welcome! ;)

And you're right -- Do it NOW is an appropriate motto in regards to commenting. I know I often think to myself -- I'll have to comment on that, and then get distracted and don't. Which is why I'm commenting here...NOW. ;)

Thanks for your comments!


And thank you for all the work put into all you do in blogging and scrapbooking.

Your comments are more than appreciated.


I'm with you on this...I love to hear back from people on my blog - otherwise what is the point, right!!
I need to force myself to do it NOW, links get me so distracted and then I forget what I wanted to say. etc. I need to read, reply, then link to other info - great point!!

Marcee Duggar

Ok..now I feel like a dork..did not know you were suppose to email people who comment on your blog..Hopefully no one thinks Im a snob or idiot..thanks for the info..


I really have enjoyed following this topic around today.

I am glad to see you say do it now, very true! we should comment now - when we are in the moment with your thoughts and comments.

I am always glad to get e-mail or comment on my blog.

Tamara aka queue_t


I'm glad to see this! Thanks for sharing. I always wonder about the comment thing. Often I can't think of anything terribly interesting to say, so I usually don't say anything. But, I know I would LOVE to get more comments on my blog. It's so fun to see a response. To know that there are people out there!

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