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July 27, 2007


Suzanne Renfrow

YEEEAAAAHHH! Great post, great art! I especially love your green/pink envelope! Great idea to use a journal brush as a place to enter an address!

michelle ward

lynette, thanks for joining the crusade and for celebrating "being over 60" by adding to the mix with your fab digi envies. i never thought of running an envelope through my printer! love how much we learn from one another - thanks for sharing with me and the team!


Love your digital work. Wonderful!

Lisa Hoffman

Lovely post and Happy Birthday!
I'm new to your blog but believe me, I'll be back!
Lisa Hoffman

Mary Ann

Thank you for mentioning me! I absolutely love what you've done with the digital brushes. That is something I've just begun to dabble in. In the words of the governor of my fair state, "I'll be back!"


WOW! I'm SO glad I stopped by! Your site is stunning and really fun to look at... I'll definitely stop back by, esp. to give the stencil tutorial a look see. Isn't Photoshop just amazing?!?!? I keep hoping it will help me stay "young" and stave off dementia as I get older! :D Fun, fun, fun stuff... thanks for sharing!


Wonderful digital mail art!


I tagged you ! if you like you can find the details at my blogspot.

these art stamps are so lovely.

Liz Ness

Thanks for the interesting link! Going to have to take some time to really dig in!

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