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March 01, 2008


michelle ward

Ooooooh! You got the magazine? I haven't seen it yet! Love that top photo - I spy a webpage, and lots of great supplies at your workspce. I am winking that I caused you a ruckus ;) Having your kit prepared so you can go escape the studio mess is EXACTLY why I love having mine. Too many distractions - keep it simple and exit stage left. Thanks for coming to play Lynette!


Fantastic! The make-up kit looks perfect for a journal kit! I too, was inspired to purge and organize my supplies...if nothing else, at least that is done! I did find though, that with my kit I am working on my journal...it makes me so happy...keep on creating, and don't worry about the messes!!!

jodi barone

You got the digital issue already...my heart is skipping beats! Great kit! The ATC holder is already so enticing. Your 365 day project sounds interesting. What day are you in? Have you found a particular theme pervading throughout? Happy to meet you through your blog...at the first photo, I thought for a minute that I was back at home.

Liz Ness

Who's the enabler? (Heh-heh. Now, I have to go look for that Somerset edition!) Seriously, thanks for sharing your process/progress with the challenge -- pretty cool stuff!

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